Tantra is derived from the Sanskrit words: tanoti (to expand) and trayati (to liberate). It is a consciousness of one’s own divinity, a collection of techniques to move energy through the body with conscious intention. It is beyond culture and society. There is no dogma to follow. It is not a belief system, but a higher way of expressing sexuality and experiencing the Oneness of Life. Through sensual rituals, meditation, being “in the moment” and unattached to the outcome of an experience, we transform our lives in a powerful way.

The tantric path is a state of full awareness; ecstasy is within!

  • Getting in touch with one’s sexual energy is incredibly empowering. Relationship with self and others is deepened and enriched,
  • clairvoyance is intensified,
  • the body is rejuvenated,
  • the experience of time is not linear,
  • and all judgment is suspended.
If you have ever felt there must be something more to sexual loving, come explore the secrets of Tantric connection.
Learn energetic ways to bond with your partner and bring a higher, more spiritual sexuality into your everyday life.
This practice stimulates powerful, personal growth and breakthroughs for us, individually and within our partnerships.wha