When you were growing up, you were supposed to “know it all”.  Young women would look to you as their knight in shining armor, expecting you to know what to do to bring them great pleasure.  How unfair to put such a burden on a young man’s shoulders.  And what did you get as “training” in lovemaking?  I suspect it was someone like Vinnie on the playground, with his “Get it up, get it in, get it off, get it out” advice. . .or reading a Playboy magazine.  Fifth grade health class certainly didn’t help much, did it?

My favorite Tantric teacher has a wonderful saying:  “A man who does not know Tantra, is like giving a Stradivarius to a monkey.”  So. . .know your “instrument”.  Learn to play the body, mind and spirit of your beloved like a true Maestro of Love.

Step up and investigate a better way to your own sexual expression. Orgasm has been called “the little death”.  Within 10 seconds, the muscular contractions are over and you are “spent”. Tantra teaches you how to extend orgasmic pleasure for hours without ejaculation and build exquisite bliss.  The exercises to accomplish this are not difficult and are based in the Taoist tradition.

  • Be a healer for your beloved through the ritual of Sacred Spot Honoring.
  • Understand your “plumbing” (your G-spot, controlling ejaculate, etc.).
  • Learn sensual touch techniques.
  • Control your sexual energy.
  • Become a conscious, skilled lover.
  • Heal psycho-sexual wounds of your own.
  • Deepen intimacy and passion.